Cheshire Aeromedical Ltd - What To Bring To Your Medical

Please complete and print the CAA Medical Application Form Med 160 (BUT DO NOT SIGN IT! - I must witness your signature on the form). You can access this by clicking on the link below.

Download CAA Medical Application Form Med 160

Please also bring:

- Valid photo ID - Passport or Drivers Licence please.

- Licence/Current Medical Certificate (if you have one).

- Glasses or contact lenses that you wear for flying (please be prepared to remove them).

- Recent opticians’ prescription (only if you wear glasses/contacts already).

- GP details and list of current medication/details of relevant medical information (NB. this is very important and may avoid the requirement to request reports etc.)

- As much medical history as possible! Please bring lists of any current medications and details of all past medical history - this may avoid the need to seek further reports which can take quite a long time!! I encourage older non-professional pilots to attend their GP for a check-up and even to request a summary of their notes before seeing me.

- A means of payment - BACS is preferred, cash or debit/credit card. No cheques please.

Please arrive on time or up to 10 minutes early…..but not TOO early as we may not be ready for your appointment. Please feel free to park on the drive - there’s plenty of space. If you are delayed or need to cancel/postpone your appointment please call me on 07711350552 or 01606882116. There is no cancellation charge.

Dr M McKenzie
GMC 4300443
AME 10445